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When you splurge and purchase fine jewelry you obviously want the piece or pieces you buy to last as long as possible. However, fine jewelry is often delicate and fragile. Diamonds and gemstones might become loose or your gold necklace could twist. If you have fine jewelry that is in need of repair, the experts at Jackson Jewelers can help.

Best Jewelry Repairs in Stillwater, OK

At Jackson Jewelers, we know how important your fine jewelry is to you. Our amazing team handles all jewelry and watch repair with the best care possible. We will first take a look at your jewelry or watch and evaluate the type of work that we will need to do. We’ll then give you an estimate of the cost. When you leave the jewelry in our hands, we will work on it as soon as possible. We handle jewelry repair on-site, so you never have to worry that your pieces will be lost in the shuffle. We’ll make sure your jewelry is fixed quickly and in a short period of time.

Our Comprehensive Jewelry Services

You’ll find the services you need with Jackson Jewelers! We offer jewelry and watch repair, ring sizing, gemstone and diamond setting, tip and prong repairs, and soldering. Our Stillwater, OK staff will assist you with custom jewelry design if you are looking for a unique piece. We can even take your old jewelry and transform it into something new! We also provide professional services that include cleaning and polishing- let our team clean your jewelry and bring back the original shine.

Jewelry Repair Done On-Site

Don’t let just any company take care of your jewelry repair in Stillwater OK. Our professional team can fix your jewelry for you right at the store. Instead of sending your jewelry to another location and losing track of it, let the experts at Jackson Jewelers take care of your broken and damaged jewelry right in our Stillwater store. You’ll have your jewelry back in no time, fixed and polished!

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Stop by our local store at 414 N. Perkins Road, Stillwater, OK. You can also contact us by phone at 405-743-0022.


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